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Adoption law internationally is widely varies and are subject to the laws and regulations of the state where you live, U.S. federal laws and regulations, and the laws and regulations governing the international placement of children in your child’s country of origin. While this is certainly more complex than domestic adoption, the protection of children being moved across national boundaries is of paramount importance.

From state law. The parent-child relationship established by adoption, however, may have direct consequences in areas of federal law affected by family status such as Social Security. The code defines the process by which a legal parent-child relationship is created between individuals without biological relation. In some states, doctrines of "equitable adoption" allow courts to recognize adoptions when not all statutory procedures have been carried out.

Internationally, we are not only forming our own family with the addition of a beloved child who brings a unique and separate culture and history, but we are also making a promise to that country to raise that child with (among other things) solid values. So a "laws-be-damned" attitude has no place in our families... right? was very disappointed to read a news story in the Washington Post about gay marriage in the Netherlands which said, "The only restriction that same-sex couples here now face is that they are prohibited from adopting foreign children. But that law is easily circumvented: One person adopts the foreign child and obtains registration for the child as a Dutch national; the spouse goes through the adoption process later on."

If you are hoping to adopt internationally, hope you will be very angry when you talk to those who have adopted before you who have not complied with the laws of their child’s country of origin. Know your rights and exercise them for a safe, better future.

Know your rights and exercise them for a safe, better future.

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